‘Fortune’ é a última edição da Buzzin’ Fly e está nas lojas a 10 de junho

Alex Santos | 22 Maio 2013

‘Fortune’, um tema do meu projeto Rodamaal e última edição da Buzzin’ Fly, estará disponível a partir de 10 de junho. Uma pequena amostra já roda no Soundcloud da editora e aconselho mente aberta: a sonoridade sai completamente fora do que nos habituámos a produzir. A Buzzin’ Fly fez hoje o anúncio oficial:

It is no secret that Ben Watt has chosen to close his acclaimed label Buzzin’ Fly to new music after ten great years as one of the UK’s leading dance independents. But the label has chosen to go out with a bang with one final single. Unearthed from the vaults are two dazzling tracks from cornerstone artists, Rodamaal, and Manoo and Francois A.

Rodamaal’s ‘Fortune’ was originally completed back in 2007 but scheduling problems prevented it from being released at the time. Produced by the Franco-Portuguese trio (Rocco, Darkmountaingroup’s Alex Santos and Manoo) it is a stark but emotionally-charged deep-techno masterpiece, that deserves its place alongside their other classics for the label, ‘Musica Feliz’ and ‘Insomnia’. On the flip, and originally produced in 2005, is ‘Other Places’ a long-lost track by Manoo and Francois A. Full of summer shimmer and heavy bass tones, it was produced by the duo during their heyday at the label, and was a secret favourite of label boss, Ben Watt.

Two perfect swansongs. Buzz buzz.